Weatherseal Insulation offers energy audits and energy efficiency upgrades for churches and other religious facilities throughout Virginia. We have a wealth of experience working on these often unique buildings, which gives us unique insights into how best to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort.


First United Methodist Church, East High Street, Charlottesville

high street first united methodist church

The First United Methodist Church on East High Street in Charlottesville, Virginia, designed by BRW Architects, is a beautiful example of how high performance and environmentally friendly buildings need not represent aesthetic compromise.

After a comprehensive energy audit and insulation and air sealing upgrade from Weatherseal Insulation, the church offers a comfortable, healthy indoor environment as well as lower energy costs and a reduced environmental impact.

Buck Mountain Episcopal Church

buck mountain church

The Buck Mountain Episcopal Church of Earlysville, Virginia was drafty and uncomfortable, and suffered from needlessly high energy bills. After a comprehensive energy audit to identify where energy was being wasted, and where improvements could be made, Weatherseal Insulation conducted a comprehensive energy retrofit of the church. After the upgrade, the church is now more comfortable and more energy efficient than ever.

Our Lady of Angels Monastery

Our Lady of the Angels Monastery is a 507 acre Trappistine monastery near Crozet, Virginia, which sits in a small valley of the Appalachians. They are not cloistered from the public. Trappists emphasize self-sufficiency and manual labor. Therefore the idea of a small monastery producing and selling cheese to support itself appealed greatly to the nuns, and they took up residence in the two small log cabins on the property. Formally founded on May 1, 1987Our Lady of the Angels Monastery became the fifth house of Cistercian nuns in the United States, and the first situated in the South.


Chestnut Grove Baptist Church (Earlysville)
Church of Our Saviour (Charlottesville)
First Baptist Church (Park Street, Charlottesville)
Fork Union Baptist Church
Glenn Allen Baptist Church (Richmond)
Grace Bible Church (Midlothian)
Huguenot Road Baptist Church (Richmond)
Korean Community Church (Charlottesville)
Monticello Wesleyan Church (Earlysville Road, Charlottesville)
Monument Heights Baptist Church (Richmond)
New Life United Methodist Church (Midlothian)
Olive Branch Baptist Church (Dinwiddie)
Olivet Presbyterian Church (Garth Road, Charlottesville)
Reedemer Lutheran Church (Richmond)
Salisbury Presbyterian Church (Richmond)
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (Ivy)
St. Thomas Aquinas Church (Charlottesville)
Thomas Jefferson Memorial Unitarian Church (Charlottesville)
Unity Church of Richmond
Wesminster Presbyterian Church (Rugby Road, Charlottesville)
Winfree Memorial Baptist Church Preschool (Midlothian)

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