The Challenge

The Collmus family felt that their energy bills were too high. Mr. Collmus teaches at the Covenant School and his wife runs a florist buisness during the wedding season. They first tried to attack the problem over 10 years ago, by buying some new equipment and switching to CFL lights, but the home remained uncomfortable and pricey to heat and cool. The house was built in 1983, so it is not brand new but certainly not as old as many of the  historic homes in Charlottesville. The family also graciously opens their doors to exchange students on a regular basis, which adds to their electricity consumption. Overall, paying utility bills was a painful activity each month, one they sought to remedy.

Home Performance Assessment

Overall, the house was about 4 times (80%) leakier then it should be. The crawl space harbored a number of serious problems, including moisture problems, poor/leaky duct work, and the crawl space hatch which had completely broken open to the outside, letting air into the home Of their two heat pumps, one was out-dated and one was broken. Due to the design of the house and sunroom, there were a total of six “attic spaces” that provided weak spots in the home for outside air to sneak in. Overall, the attic insulation was below minimum building code.

Weatherseal's Role

  • Sealed attic floor and insulated to R-50 with cellulose
  • Enclosed and sealed the exposure points in the attic
  • Sealed ductwork with mastic tape to prevent the loss of air in the attic
  • Improved outdoor wall sealing, replaced missing insulation, and insulated


Projected Energy Savings: 40%

Case Study Courtesy of our Good Friends at the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP)


Carla H

Many thanks to Weatherseal and Wilson! I am very happy with what your crew has done for my house. As more areas become accessible, I will continue to ask you to assess and insulate! Again, many thanks!