Peirce Family Case Study

The Challenge

The Peirce family in Roseland, Virginina had a sunroom addition with a concrete floor built over a crawl space. The room was completely unusable during the winter due to the freezing cold floor and room temperature. He contacted Weatherseal seeking a solution to the problem.

Atchison Family Case Study

The Challenge

Michael and Carol Atchison live in a unique, contemporary one-story home. Carol is an accountant and Michael is a professor at UVA. Several factors motivated this couple to retrofit their home. One, a group of LEAP trained interns performed a home energy review in the summer of 2011, which led them to copmlete a home energy assessment later. Secondly, their electric bill always came out higher compared to their neighbor despite behavioral adjustments.

Chip & Linda Harding Case Study

The Challenge

When Albemarle County Sheriff J.E.“Chip” Harding and his wife Linda first decided to renovate their home in Pantops, they were focused largely on cosmetic improvements like granite countertops. After a Home Energy Assessment they decided to include energy efficiency in their remodel. “She was like a detective,” Harding recalls of his home energy assessor, who discovered issues like an uncovered whole house fan (like leaving a window open year round.) “Once she pointed out the problems, it was obvious.

Duncan Family Case Study

Living in a relatively new home, Jim Duncan and his family were confused and concerned about their excessively high energy bills and very drafty house. He decided to enter the 2011 PowerSaver Home Energy Makeover Contest to get to the bottom of his home’s issues but also, as one of the area’s leading real estate agents, to learn more about the home energy assessment and improvement process to share with buyers and sellers.

Kathy Welch & Lee Freudberg Case Study

The Challenge

Kathy and Lee had been trying to solve a persistent energy-related problem for years. Snow always melted on one section of their roof before the rest, and they knew this meant trouble. Uncomfortably cold winters and high energy bills confirmed it. Adding insulation didn’t help. They decided to have a home energy assessment to solve all their issues once and for all.

Mike & Susan Kruse Case Study

The Challenge

In the summer of 2010, Susan and Mike Kruse entered the Home Energy Makeover Contest. They knew their house could use some efficiency improvements and felt it was right thing to do for environmental reasons. Very excited to be one of two families to receive a free Home Energy Makeover, they were aware of some of the obvious inefficiencies of their 1930s home. Yet, their home energy assessment was enlightening.

Collmus Family Case Study

The Challenge

The Collmus family felt that their energy bills were too high. Mr. Collmus teaches at the Covenant School and his wife runs a florist buisness during the wedding season. They first tried to attack the problem over 10 years ago, by buying some new equipment and switching to CFL lights, but the home remained uncomfortable and pricey to heat and cool. The house was built in 1983, so it is not brand new but certainly not as old as many of the  historic homes in Charlottesville.


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