March 12, 2015

Andy and Anitra Kitfield had their house insulated with Demilec USA’s spray foam insulation and had the experience documented by the hit television show, Designing Spaces: Think Green. The Kitfield’s home is a 1952 Cape Cod style home located in northern Virginia and was in dire need of additional insulation. When they were contacted by the team at Designing Spaces: Think Green, they eagerly jumped at the opportunity to increase their home’s energy efficiency with spray foam insulation from Demilec USA.

Grant Ostvig, the northern Virginia Regional Manager for Demilec USA and Ken Thacker, the Kitfield’s contractor had an opportunity to sit down with Andy and Anitra and speak candidly with them about their experience of having Demilec spray foam insulation installed in their house, and what the living conditions have been like since.

When asked whether her expectations were met by having Demilec spray foam insulation installed in her attic and basement, Anitra stated that “it’s been so much better than I even could have possibly imagined, especially with this old house. I just didn’t think it could get this good!” Andy had friends with newer homes that contained spray foam insulation and was surprised to learn that the foam could be installed into an older home as a retrofit as well. Now that the foam has been in their house for 6 months, Andy noted that their average utility bill was on the lower side of what they once paid, while Anita noted the increased comfort of the home and reduced insect and pest presence.

We thought we’d share this post (with special thanks to Demilec and Ken Thacker), because there are so many homes like the Kitfield’s Cape Cod in our area. Weatherseal Insulation is proud to be the premier distributor of Demilec spray foam insulation in Central Virginia. To learn more about their products, please contact us


Jeni K., Schuyler

They did a great job! They are very intuitive and can look at the house and how it works as one system, then figure out what needs to be done. They are prompt and on time. Communication is excellent!

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