July 9, 2015

The only reason to build a home with a dirt crawl space is to save money. A dirt crawl space is cheaper than a concrete floor. However, a house with a dirt crawl space is dysfunctional. We would never create a basement with a dirt floor - so why do we have dirt floor crawlspaces? Homeowners typically don’t go into their crawl space unless they have to. But if you care about rotting, mold, allergies, asthma, drafts, smells, or the general comfort of your home, your crawl space is worth addressing. Your house is one building. The air from your crawl space mixes throughout the rest of your house. Since air flows upward into the upper levels of your home, it brings the air - and the humidity - from the crawl space with it (this is known as the stack effect).  The problem can also be caused by the ducts of your HVAC system.

How can you fix the problems associated with a dirt crawlspace? Here at Weatherseal, we believe in implementing a 4 step solution:

  1. Fix any water leakage  to prevent further moisture problems

  2. Isolate the house from the earth with a ground cover

  3. Seal the vents and other outside air leaks

  4. ‘Condition” or dehumidify your crawl space air

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Annette R

The house is sold! Hooray! I want to thank Kevin again for all that he did to appease the buyer...I am very appreciative. Great work!

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