The Challenge

Michael and Carol Atchison live in a unique, contemporary one-story home. Carol is an accountant and Michael is a professor at UVA. Several factors motivated this couple to retrofit their home. One, a group of LEAP trained interns performed a home energy review in the summer of 2011, which led them to copmlete a home energy assessment later. Secondly, their electric bill always came out higher compared to their neighbor despite behavioral adjustments. Third, the couple is concerned about global warming and sincerely wanted to do their part to mitigate the problem. After completing the upgrades on their home through the LEAP program, the Atchisons say their energy bills are down and the home feels more comfortable.

The Home Performance Assessment

  • The blower door test revealed the home measured 6000cfm, which is 127% higher than the Building Airflow Standard.
  • Moisture issue discovered in several areas of the home, including the crawlspace due to a poor vapor barrier. In addition, humid air was being pulled in by the exhaust fan. Recommended air sealing the crawlspace and installing a thick vapor barrier.
  • Gaps in insulation on the attic floor, issues with insulation around the recessed lighting, and insulation was falling off the vertical walls at the clearstory.
  • Several of the ceilings in the home are tongue & groove boards allowing air leakage at the joints and cracks.

Weatherseal's Role

  • Weatherseal removed the existing attic insulation that was peeling away and spray foamed the attic ceiling at the joints and cracks of the tongue & groove boards, effectively solving the air leakage problem in the attic as well.
  • Applied comfort therm fiberglass insulation to crawl space and spray foam sealed joists ends and ban under the crawl space.
  • Installed a heavy 15 Mil Viper Vapor barrier to crawl space, in order to prevent moisture from entering the home.
  • Added a commercial grade de-humidifier and sprayed mold-x neutralizer to combat the moisture issue in several additional areas of the home.


Projected energy savings: 40%

Case Study Courtesy of our Good Friends at the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP)


B. Byrne, Reva, VA

I really appreciate the great job that you did. I will let the building inspector know that he steered me in the right direction and if you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me any time. Your work was done as well if not better than the best I have ever seen.