Dear Gene and Gina:
We understand that you are the owners of WeatherSeal; and, as such, we wanted to express our appreciation to you for the excellent service provided by your company this year in response to our need for mold remediation in our basement.  Kevin Moore and his associates did an excellent job for us and we did not want their efforts on our behalf to go unrecognized or unsung.
From the earliest discussions to the final wrap-up, Kevin not only kept us informed but actually took the time to teach us about our problem and how the recommended solution   would work.  Kevin and each member of his crew, Michael, Jesse, Brad, Carlos, Oscar, Juan, Shawn, Raquel and Raquel 's employees treated our home and us with the greatest respect and integrity.  Each was truly an excellent ambassador for your fim1.
We were in the midst of discussions with Kevin when he was still at OCW.  We had confidence in him and in the excellent reputation of Martin-Home and were concerned when its owners decided to get out of the mold remediation business.
WeatherSeal was a stranger to us; but not any longer.  We are delighted to have been introduced to your firm and the good work that it does.
Again, as "satisfied" customers," we just felt the need to recognize a "job well done.”
Raymond M. (Ray) & Mary E. (Betty) Haas
PS: There is always a danger when one tries to list everyone that someone will be overlooked.  If we have missed some persons who worked on our project, we apologize and thank them as well.
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Raymond and Betty Haas