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Weatherseal Insulation offers energy audits of commercial, industrial and retail buildings throughout Virginia. A comprehensive commercial energy audit is the best way to put your building or buildings on the path to reduced energy consumption, reduced operating costs and increased sustainability.

What is a Commercial Energy Audit?

A comprehensive commercial energy audit is a complete evaluation of the building from an energy efficiency, health and safety, and durability standpoint. We evaluate the building's thermal envelope (building envelope), mechanical systems including HVAC and duct systems, windows and doors, heating and cooling bills, and other building components to determine how much energy the building is wasting, and how we can most effectively reduce that waste for improved building comfort and energy efficiency.

What are the Benefits of an Energy Audit?

While an energy audit by itself will not reduce your energy bills, following up on the work recommended in the commercial energy audit report will lead to a variety of benefits, including:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Saved energy
  • Increased sustainability
  • Decreased carbon footprint
  • Increased building value
  • Increased building durability
  • Better health & safety
  • and more!

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