The Challenge

The Peirce family in Roseland, Virginina had a sunroom addition with a concrete floor built over a crawl space. The room was completely unusable during the winter due to the freezing cold floor and room temperature. He contacted Weatherseal seeking a solution to the problem.

The Assessment

A visit to the home and a thorough assessment of the way the addition was attached to the main house, allowed Weatherseal to recommend two separate options to the Peirces. The first was to spray foam the underside of the sunroom floor in order to hold in heat. The second option was to open the partition wall between the sunroom and the main structure, thereby bringing the sunroom into the “building envelope” or conditioned space. Additionally, the proposal included spraying the foundation walls of the main house’s crawl space, and adding a duct from that crawl space into the crawl space under the sunroom. 

The Solution

After going over the options, the Peirces decided on the second option of tying the two living spaces together. In essence, this allowed Weatherseal to use the thermal mass of the entire space to create something akin to a radiant floor in the sunroom.

As soon as the installation was complete, Mr. Peirce wrote to say, “. . . the porch was able to maintain a reasonably comfortable temperature even during the coldest days last month.  Realistically, once we start to use the space if the weather gets really cold we will probably just close it off, but I am reasonably sure we could open the doors to the house and maintain a comfortable temperature if we needed to.”


J. Cashman

That went very well. The entire crew was very pleasant and left the house in perfect condition.