The Challenge

In the summer of 2010, Susan and Mike Kruse entered the Home Energy Makeover Contest. They knew their house could use some efficiency improvements and felt it was right thing to do for environmental reasons. Very excited to be one of two families to receive a free Home Energy Makeover, they were aware of some of the obvious inefficiencies of their 1930s home. Yet, their home energy assessment was enlightening. They had installed all new windows for energy and security reasons, but without proper air sealing and insulation, the efficiency gains would be small.

The Home Performance Assessment

  • Poor vapor barrier and mold in crawlspace
  • Poor insulation in floors, walls and attic
  • Inefficient gas furnace with a leak and positioned in uninsulated crawlspace
  • Low SEER heat pump

Weatherseal's Role

  • Air sealed home to reduce leakiness and treated crawlspace for mold
  • Installed foam insulation in floors and attic roof deck, dense pack exterior walls with cellulose
  • Removed gas furnace and installed high efficiency heat pump and new duct work


  • Reduced heating and cooling bills by 40%
  • Healthier indoor air quality
  • Quieter home from insulation blocking outside noise

Case Study Courtesy of our Good Friends at the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP)


Chas F.

Thank you for your timely phone calls Monday morning and for quickly pulling my job together, including sending Michael and Luke. I look forward to recommending your company in the future.