The Challenge

Margie Garmey and Melinda Baumann knew something was wrong with their house. The second floor of their home offered little relief from oppressing summers, but for years contractors gave them limited solutions. A full home energy assessment with LEAP changed that, and the team that completed a suite of home energy improvements finally helped them achieve a comfortable home.

The Home Performance Assessment

  • Gas leak detected under kitchen stove
  • High carbon monoxide level produced by oven during preheating
  • Outside air getting into floor system between first and second floor
  • No insulation over mudroom or on attic hatches
  • Window air conditioner needed in bedroom because central AC wasn't enough

Weatherseal's Role

  • Health and safety issues were addressed
  • Floor system and other air leakage locations sealed
  • Insulation level increased in both attics and on attic hatches
  • Ductwork re-configured so upstairs temperature can be controlled separately
  • Adjustments made to reduce noise from air handler in living room
  • Added dampered vent for combustion air to water heater/furnace closet


30% energy savings, improved comfort on the second level, reduced heat pump noise on the first level.

Case Study Courtesy of our Good Friends at the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP)


Carla, Stanardsville, VA

Many thanks! I am very happy with what your crew has done for my house. As more areas become accessible, I will continue to ask you to assess and insulate!