The Challenge

Kathy and Lee had been trying to solve a persistent energy-related problem for years. Snow always melted on one section of their roof before the rest, and they knew this meant trouble. Uncomfortably cold winters and high energy bills confirmed it. Adding insulation didn’t help. They decided to have a home energy assessment to solve all their issues once and for all.

The Home Performance Assessment

  • A poorly insulated attic contained leaky ductwork
  • The unusual roof configuration was allowing air leakage into the floor system
  • Ducts were not air sealed or insulated adequately
  • Older, low efficiency water heater
  • Older appliances from the early 1990s

Weatherseal's Role

  • Ductwork in attic was repaired or replaced and the insulation level was increased
  • Targeted air sealing reduced air infiltration, the cause of comfort + energy problems
  • All ductwork was air sealed and insulated
  • Installed a new electric water heater with an Energy Factor of .95
  • Purchased an Energy Star front loading clothes washer

Expected Benefits

Expected benefits: Greater overall comfort, 30% savings in heating and hot water bills.

Case Study Courtesy of our Good Friends at the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP)


B. Barbour, Roanoke, VA

Just heard from our basement renter, she hasn't had one drop of water in her apartment since the new gutters have been installed! Praise the Lord! It sure has been a pleasure getting to know you and having you work with us on our property.