Living in a relatively new home, Jim Duncan and his family were confused and concerned about their excessively high energy bills and very drafty house. He decided to enter the 2011 PowerSaver Home Energy Makeover Contest to get to the bottom of his home’s issues but also, as one of the area’s leading real estate agents, to learn more about the home energy assessment and improvement process to share with buyers and sellers. Indeed, his family discovered insufficient insulation throughout the house, and Jim now has the experience and results to better inform his clients. 

The Home Performance Assessment

  • No insulation in attic above bedrooms
  • Bath exhaust ducts not vented to the exterior nor insulated
  • Air handler and duct work in unconditioned attic
  • Walls of one story utility room uninsulated

Weatherseal's Role

  • Condition entire attic with 4-6 inches open cell foam
  • Replace bath exhaust ducts and connected to vents
  • Roof vents sealed and insulated, creating conditioned space for furnace, AC unit and ductwork
  • Walls and ceiling of utility room insulated with densepack cellulose


30% energy savings, increased comfort and lower energy bills.

Case Study Courtesy of our Good Friends at the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP)


Raymond and Betty Haas
Dear Gene and Gina:
We understand that you are the owners of WeatherSeal; and, as such, we wanted to express our appreciation to you for the excellent service provided by your company this year in response to our need for mold remediation in our basement.